G.P.A Makeover Bootcamp

Grow. Thyself

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"Deanna is a wonderful person to have not only as an Instructor but a friend:]
She listens very well and is always willing to help in any way she can.I'm never afraid to speak up if I have a problem, because she makes me feel comfortable. She is super nice and very friendly.
Don't hesitate. You wont regret her."- Sarah Corum, High School Sr., Sacramento,Ca.
"After the GPA Makeover Program I went to school and listened to what I learned. I was so excited cause my teachers saw the change in me starting with where I sat in class and then when I recieved my progress report for the first time I got all A's! My teachers use me as an example they have never done that!" -Tyana Chestner, Jr. High, Dixon,Ca.
"I got an A in my science class just from using the note-taking techniques I learned from the GPA Makeover Program." -Regina Salvador, Jr. High, Benecia,Ca.
"My daughter was afraid at first,but with Deanna warm pesonality and program activities she gave it a chance and is now having the best academic year she has ever had!... My advice to parents is dont miss out!"-  Sofya Al-Ezzani, Parent, Fairfield,Ca.
"My boys have become more motivated. My oldest Trevor has gotten a serious boost, he was so upset when he could not sit in the T-Zone because the teacher assigned seats. I will be enrolling my son in the program again!- Belinda Huddleston,Parent , Fairfield,Ca.